Who Is Stephen Briggs?

Maybe you drifted here while checking other Stephen Briggses on Google? Maybe you were actually looking for me!

Well, this Stephen Briggs is the one who worked with Sir Terry Pratchett. I'm a published author and  dramatist, a  keen amateur theatrical and award-winning voice-over artist. For more information about me - click HERE.


I’m delighted to say that my dramatization of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA is now available to buy from Amazon.

I’d wanted to stage it since I first read it as a teenager, but I couldn’t find a dramatization that I liked.

Having (in the interim) written and published 25 dramatisations of the novels of Sir Terry Pratchett, it finally occurred to me – “Why don’t I write my own version?”

I tried to retain some of Stoker’s style – using the medium of diaries, letters and newspaper articles to advance the plot. And I aimed for gothic horror – avoiding the temptation to play it all for laughs. We staged the show in November 2019. The independent reviewer of the first production said:

"Translating 'Dracula' to the stage without either dispensing with key plot points or giving an impression of rushed action is an incredibly ambitious task, and yet that is exactly what Stephen Briggs has managed to achieve."

I was also very grateful to Stephen Player for permission to use his excellent artwork from our stage version for my cover. Check him out HERE.

If you’d like a copy, you can order right HERE.


I'm grateful to Rob Wilkins for giving me permission to record some daily snippets of solid gold Pratchett for his fans during this difficult time. I'd no idea, of course, that I'd still be doing them over a year later! I've now done more than two hundred but, after a year I had to give up the daily readings. I'm still adding to them, though - just once a week, now. With the end of major restrictions now in sight, we're probably drawing near to the final snippet. There's a  link to those recordings HERE.


Three  new Discworld dramatisations  were published in March by Methuen Drama. Available direct from the publishers HERE.

I've also self-published my script for a new musical dramatization of 'A Christmas Carol'. More info HERE.