Pratchett Snippets

Here are some randomly selected snippets of Terry's brilliant writing. They were recorded daily over the Covid Lockdown (with permission from Rob Wilkins and Rhianna Pratchett). Pick any at random - I'm sure there will be something you like!

And - with a random change to the titling ...

Then, not establishing a new trend, two today (23 April) because one was quite short, even by my standards! 23 April C is most definitely not starting a new trend and is placed here as challenged by, and with apologies to, German listeners!

My 18 December reading will be the last for 2020... the following two Fridays are Christmas Day and New Year's Day. So - we'll have a brief quiz: five opening sentences from Discworld novels. See if you can guess them. The answer will be posted before Christmas!

The next reading is a little early - because of Easter.

It does actually look as though we are emerging and normality is returning. Last week (as I write) I attended the International Discworld Convention in Birmingham. Terry couldn't be there, of course, but I thought I'd add a new snippet of advice from Terry, in his memory: