Readings during the Virus crisis

I'll be reading a few extracts from the brilliant works of Terry Pratchett during the current coronavirus crisis.  I hope you enjoy them.  I'm very grateful to Rob Wilkins for his permission to make these readings available  during this difficult time. There's more than a hundred and ninety ... don't feel you have to wade through them all! 

And - with a random change to the titling ...

Then, not establishing a new trend, two today (23 April) because one was quite short, even by my standards! 23 April C is most definitely not starting a new trend and is placed here as challenged by, and with apologies to, German listeners!

The Lockdown plods on. I've now done 190 of these daily snippets. Originally (six months ago), I'd planned to do daily ones through the Covid lockdown, but it looks like it may trudge on for another six months.  I certainly won't be able to keep up daily snippets over Christmas, and I suspect it may be harder to keep finding enough snippets to last until we do finally emerge from the Covid restrictions.  I am reluctantly going to have to give up the daily snippets. I'll certainly still do readings over the lockdown, but they might become .... weekly? ... once we've passed the 200 point.

And that's it for the daily readings. I'll still do Pratchett snippets, but not quite so frequently. 

My 18 December reading will be the last for 2020... the following two Fridays are Christmas Day and New Year's Day. So - we'll have a brief quiz: five opening sentences from Discworld novels. See if you can guess them. The answer will be posted before Christmas!

The next reading is a little early - because of Easter.

Hm. In theory, lockdown is over. But we’re still told to mask, sanitise, distance - oh and take regular tests and join the pingdemic. In this distopian future, here’s a few more for you…

It does actually look as though we are emerging and normality is returning. Last week (as I write) I attended the International Discworld Convention in Birmingham. Terry couldn't be there, of course, but I thought I'd add a new snippet of advice from Terry, in his memory: