About Me


I have collaborated with the best-selling writer Sir Terry Pratchett on a large number of publishing and other projects.


I've recorded over thirty of Terry's unabridged novels for the UK audio publishers, Isis, and also for the US publisher, Harper Audio. I have also now recorded Pratchett titles for AudioGo and Audible in the UK and for Random House, in the UK and in the US.


I received a US industry award (an Audie) for my recording of 'Monstrous Regiment' (2004) and have been shortlisted for Audies for three other recordings. I received the Audible Download Book of the Year award in 2008 for my recording of 'Good Omens'. I won an Odyssey award in 2009 for my recording of 'Nation' and then two awards from AudioFile - Best Voice of the Year & Earphones Award (in 2010) for my recording of 'Unseen Academicals'. I received four more AudioFile Earphones Awards  - for 'Raising Steam', 'Wintersmith', 'The Science of Discworld', and 'The Science of Discworld III'. I was a member of the BAFTA award-winning team responsible for Sky TV's online publicity for their movie of 'Hogfather', and a cast member (as Drumknott) of Audible's Earphones Award-winning dramatisation of 'Unseen Academicals'.


My involvement in Discworld came about almost by accident. I was (still am) a keen member of an amateur drama club - Oxford's Studio Theatre Club - and I had adapted Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ and ‘Holy Grail’, and Tom Sharpe’s ‘Porterhouse Blue’ and ‘Blott on the Landscape’ for the stage. While looking for a new project, someone suggested that I might like to try the works of Terry Pratchett – and my life passed into another leg of the trousers of time!

Terry Pratchett attended my drama club’s production of ‘Wyrd Sisters’ in 1991 and gave us permission to adapt ‘Mort’. While working on ‘Mort’, I suggested to Terry that a ‘Companion’ to Discworld might be fun and found myself working on it via a circuitous route taking in a map of Ankh-Morpork along the way. Several of these titles made it into the UK best sellers' listings.

From there, my involvement in Discworld blossomed. Terry and I collaborated on a number of projects, I’ve adapted loads of Terry’s books for the stage and they are now produced by amateur groups all over the world - from Zimbabwe to the Antarctic. The royalties from productions of the plays have so far raised over £100,000 for the Orangutan Foundation. (See here for more info.)

In 2019 ...

  • I submitted my adaptations of Lords & Ladies and Hogfather for publication, along with my Discworld/Shakespeare mashup, The Shakespeare Codex. These are currently due for publication in late 2020, but the impacts of the coronavirus may delay that further.
  • I made a video appearance at the Irish Discworld Convention in Cork, and at the North American Discworld Convention in Los Angeles.
  • I made a live Skype appearance from the U.K. at the Australian Discworld Convention in Melbourne.
  • I wrote some sleeve notes for Demon Records' new project - Terry Pratchett's Vinyl Discworld.
  • I wrote some intro text for the Ankh-Morpork Archives.
  • I made a video appearance at the German Discworld Convention.
  • I have also written a new - straight -dramatization of Bram Stoker's DRACULA - which was staged in Abingdon's medieval Unicorn Theatre. I'd love to get it published.

In 2020...

  • I've written some intro text for the Ankh-Morpork Archives vol. 2. This is due out in October 2020.
  • I had been invited to attend the 2020 Discworld Convention in Birmingham, which has now had to cancel due to the lockdown.
  • I've written a new Discworld-based show for staging next year - Terry Pratchett: Murder in Ankh-Morpork (a riff on some Vimes' plots). 
  • I've been recording and posting to social media some daily snippets of Pratchett (with the kind permission of the Estate). Check HERE to have a listen - over 190 to choose from!
  • I'm planning to do an edited recording of me reading Dickens' A Christmas Carol as requested by Terry's fans via Twitter (well, OK, they asked for Hogfather, but it's copyright and there are already commercial versions out there!)
  • There is still a chance that my next three Discworld plays (Lords & Ladies, Hogfather, The Shakespeare Codex) will be published this year.
  • at the moment .... that's it!

My sleeve notes introduce each of the dramatisations in the collection.

'Lord Vetinari' speaking to a packed Barbican for Terry's Memorial.

My Audible award for 'Good Omens' (out of print).

The day Terry and I first met....

Recording at Tom, Dick & Debbie (Oxford)

Interviewed  by Austrian radio

At The Royal Navy Theatre Awards

Talking about mapping Discworld at Salisbury Museum

Speaking to Oxford Spires Rotary 

A virtual appearance at the German Discworld Convention.


"Stephen Briggs brings his usual expertise to his narration, warmly delivering dialogue and narrative. In particular, his mas­tery of dialect distinguishes characters without overacting." (The Science of Discworld)

"Stephen Briggs’s sharp insight and sharper delivery are an excellent match for Pratchett’s engrossing reimagining..." (The Amazing Maurice...)

"Briggs lends authenticity to every word." (Raising Steam) 

“Stephen Briggs has a long history with the Discworld series, having narrated Sam Vimes through many adventures...Briggs’ sardonic delivery augments the dry humor and the wordplay that is one of Pratchett’s trademarks.” (Snuff)
" He is the voice of the Discworld. If i think of a character, it is going to be with his voice." (Shepherd's Crown)

" Stephen Briggs really seems to get the pace, irony, wry humour and above all the uplifting underlying message of Terry Pratchett and it shows in his performance." (Shepherd's Crown)
" A wonderful book, evocatively read by Stephen Briggs. " (Nation)
" With Stephen Briggs reading, you are drawn into the heart of the story straight away. His illustrative voices are brilliant and really make the story listenable. It is quite simply perfect. " (Nation)
" Lovingly read by one of the best narrators I've ever listened to, this is in my opinion one of Terry Pratchett's best books. " (Dodger)
" I really like the way this guy puts the story out and I enjoyed the different voices of the different people in the story, this really made a good story a really good story. " (Dodger)

Terry's Memorial

I was very honoured to hear, at Terry's Memorial, that he'd included me in his special Ancient Order of the Honey Bee.