Staging a Pratchett Play

Staging a Pratchett Play

We have licensed hundreds of productions in over twenty countries and, although, by and large, everything works on a fairly informal and good-natured basis, we are dealing with material which is copyright and with areas from which some people earn all or part of their living, so there do have to be rules. It’s the lesson of bitter experience; for every fifty groups that are happy to ‘play the game’, there are one or two who’ll ‘try it on’. If you’re in any doubt about anything – ask first!

Seven of my plays  are administered, for me and for the Estate, by Colin Smythe and the royalties benefit the Orangutan Foundation. Those seven plays are Wyrd Sisters, Guards! Guards!, Mort, Men at Arms, The Amazing Maurice, Johnny & the Dead and Dodger. Colin can be contacted HERE.

DRACULA.  If you want to know more about staging my dramatization of Dracula, there's a lot of info HERE.

The currently published 'Terry Pratchett' plays written by me are:

Wyrd Sisters


Guards! Guards!

Men at Arms

Going Postal

Lords & Ladies

The Truth

Making Money


Carpe Jugulum

Feet of Clay



Monstrous Regiment

Night Watch

Interesting Times

The Fifth Elephant

The Shakespeare Codex

The Rince Cycle

Unseen Academicals

The Amazing Maurice..

Johnny & the Dead


plus (not yet published)

Murder in Ankh-Morpork



All requests for professional rights must be sent to


All requests for permission to licence amateur dramatic productions in English or in translation of Terry Pratchett’s novels adapted by me, and published by Corgi and Oxford University Press, should be sent to Colin Smythe - his website is here.

Wyrd Sisters, Mort, Guards! Guards! & Men at Arms (Corgi)

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, Johnny and the Dead  & Dodger (Oxford University Press)

Send your applications for the above plays by email to Colin. Note that the licence fees for the above plays go to the Orangutan Foundation.


Fourteen other of my adaptations of Terry Pratchett's novels are published by Methuen Drama (now part of the Bloomsbury Group):

Going Postal, Jingo, Monstrous Regiment, Night Watch, Interesting Times, The Fifth Elephant & The Truth ,  Feet of Clay, The Rince Cycle (based on The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic), Unseen Academicals,  Lords & Ladies , Terry Pratchett: the Shakespeare Codex (a Shakespeare/Pratchett mash-up based on the Science of Discworld II: the Globe) and Hogfather. 

Three others were published by Samuel French (now Concord Theatricals):

Making Money,  Carpe Jugulum, Maskerade .

Methuen Drama and Concord Theatricals control the amateur dramatic rights in these plays.

If, for any reason, the publishers feel that your proposal falls out of their area of control, please contact Colin Smythe directly.

New Adaptations

There is now much more TV and movie interest in Terry's works, and this has had a massive impact on the fairly liberal access previously enjoyed by amateur groups.   The Estate now needs to demonstrate a firm control over rights, and this means that the only adaptations usable by amateur groups are the published ones set out here.

The rights to Terry’s works are very closely controlled, and permission for any new adaptations, or for major changes to the published scripts, will not be forthcoming.

Please note -- If you fail to seek permission up front, your production will be halted – regardless of the stage it has reached.