Studio Theatre Club

Oxford's Studio Theatre Club

I act and direct with Oxford's Studio Theatre Club. The STC were the first people - ever - to stage any of Terry Pratchett's work and we've gone on to produce over twenty of his books as plays which have now nearly all been published and have been performed by drama groups in over twenty countries - from Zimbabwe to Antarctica (yes, really - how cool is that?).

The Studio Theatre Club is a small, friendly, amateur drama club, based in Oxford. We enjoy staging plays at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon and we want our audiences to see the best shows possible. We also meet socially outside rehearsals - for informal parties, meals, pub nights, country walks, clubbing, girls' nights, lad's nights, sitting around the TV watching DVDs, cinema & theatre visits and other stuff I didn't think of when I was typing this.

For more information about the STC, visit our website.