Stephen Briggs

Writer, Actor, Award-winning Voice-over

Who Is Stephen Briggs?

Maybe you drifted here while checking other Stephen Briggses on Google? Maybe you were actually looking for me!

Well, this Stephen Briggs is the one who worked with Sir Terry Pratchett. I'm a best-selling writer, a book illustrator, dramatist, actor, keen amateur theatrical and award-winning voice-over artist.

Feel free to have a wander around. There's more information about me, about my plays and about the Studio Theatre Club.

If you are thinking of staging a Pratchett play - look here for essential information.

Guesting at the 2016 Discworld Convention (Rob's Harley). More convention images here.

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black
Here's a piece I wrote for the BBC to link with their documentary about Terry: